Wednesday, October 30, 2002

[Flash site]

This is great Flash site done by MOMA. I really like the effects of the main Index UI. AVANT-GARDE with Flash. Pretty cool.

Underwater: Episode 1 & 2.

Underwater is the music label in London, which is organized by Darren Emerson who is former member of Underworld. Darren Emerson is one of my most favorite DJ around the world, the Episode 1 of this album is excellent. This is a good stuff.

[from guuui]
InfoRomanticism on the Internet.
Some of UI designers thinking for the usage of Hyperbolic UI. This site giives you some good insights.

Yesterday was big snowing day in Boulder/Denver. The road was icey and many cars stucked around. I took hour and half to go back to my place. My car even slip and turn around when I went to the exit road of the highway. Human being can't compete nature.

Desktop Icon optimization.
I'm doing desktop Icon optimization for Mac and Windows. This task doesn't makes me motivated, but I learned a lot of things to generate Icons. I think Icon Graphics are not for every graphic designers, it requires some sense of visualising objects for content representations. I think the future of UI would be dependent of visualized Icons since it provides the way to organize information field in a certain limited space. I personally think user interface will be more dynamic in the near future, not so Flashy but more simple and elegant fashion. By the way, I don't like Windows but I thought XP has afordable UI in a Desktop environment.

I could rent a Powerbook G3 yesterday. I will install MT on it because I can't live without pictures and Japanese words. I have to get static IP for the server, but my place can't get the environment. My current place is located at the country side of Boulder and our area can't get DSL line. That's not good, I will have to find a place on the net.

It's been 5 days since last time I blog. I start having a feeling that I now have a space in network. I also start feeling guilty because I haven't update my blog. This is a big change to me.

[BT's DJ set]
I saw BT at Vynl in Denver. His DJ set was better than I thought, he played progressive/hard trance and sometimes spin his female singing tracks. I thought his set is good for some after hours clubs. The music scene might going to be more dark stuff, I mean, back to the underground so far. One of my best friend who works for Talkin' Lound in London told me that they shut down the label, and some of club scene related magazine also closed. The scene gets so cheesy in these years. Things are chaging, hopefully, underground vibe still alive.

Friday, October 25, 2002

This is test. Thiis is edit.

I added blogrolling to this place. It's fun to make links to favorite site. My current interests are mainly UI Design because I'm working for the software company as an UI Designer. More links will come later.

Thursday, October 24, 2002

I went to the opening party for the independent film magazine in Denver. There were many people who makes independent films, and it was fun. I remember the vibe of people who makes Films.

Matze who is visiting Denver from Germany accidentaly get into VIP room, and we could get free drinks and foods. :) I talked with a girl who is studying films in Denver, and she mentioned to me that "Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi" is an amazing movie.

*I tried to post Japanese words here, unfortunately, it's not working. I have to check it out.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002

Today is my first blogging day. This blog is made to be linked for the people and scenes I crossover across. Seeking to find a spot where In & Ex-formation reflects each other. This is just a starting point of my blogspace, I will try to test many of blog possibility from here to the future.