Saturday, November 30, 2002

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Friday, November 29, 2002

[EN: Macintosh Romance: Love or A Hand Wave]

At the first glimps of the article on Wired, I realized that I had similar experience with a girl using webcam over the network. At that time, I loved doing email whoever I communicate, just doing email was pure fun to me. I recieved over 300 of emails everyday, including many different kind of mailing lists and so on. I spent such time almost over several years, and I was kind of dis-communicated with the people who didn't had email account. Every communciation was done by email.

Maybe I loved doing communication through email, or I should say I was an Internet fetish. Otherwise, I was a Macintosh fetish. I tried every software I could get on the net, even entire HD had gone because of the installation of software. It was like a quest, and I had to do that since I wanted to know about it.

Anyway, here is an another interesting article on Register. I'm having a strange feeling when Apple started the 'Switch' campaign. Remember who saved Apple? It was Microsoft, and no matter what MS does for Apple, MS is one of the third party software company for Apple. Apple can't live without Microsoft products. Since IE and MS Office is the key software in Macintosh platform if PC users consider the switch from Windows OS. If Microsoft stopped providing IE and Office products, who the target audience of 'Swiitch' campaign wants to move platform from PC to Apple? Why Apple promotes the 'Switch' campaign without no consideration of these things? and without no exciting announcements for creative professionals?

Most of 3D professionals alredy moved to Windows NT platform more than 5 years ago, and probabry the video production is on the same way. Also, no professional music software is available on OS X yet (When they will support USB 2.0? How about Bluetooth? How about full-color display iPod which could play QuickTime movies?). I'm kind of bored about the recent strategy of Apple. I wonder how many fancy iMacs became an old school decolation in the house. I have been using Mac as my main computer past 10 years...maybe I could circle around this planet more than a couple of times...well, I should say that's enough for me.

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

[EN: New Computing]

A Computing Pioneer of the 1970's Joins Hewlett-Packard.

*At Hewlett-Packard, Dr. Kay, who is 62, intends to continue pursuing his goal of improving the experience of computing. "The goal is to show what the next big relationship between people and computing is likely to be," Dr. Kay said in an interview.*

[k] According to several other news source, his interests is to create a new software platform for 21st century.

Monday, November 25, 2002

[EN: Fastap: Mobile Keypad]

This is the new generation of Mobile phone, which has the Keypad thing next to the dial buttons. Is this useful? I would like to see the usability of Fastap since it is invented by David Levy, who was the former head of ergonomic design at Apple. BBC has an article about it.

Sunday, November 24, 2002

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[JP: Tiesto���X�ɂ�Bė���I]

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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

[Windows XP�ɂ‚���: JP]

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9.�@Soulseek�݂����Ȃ�̂��ǂ�ǂ�o�Ă��邩��Windows�����ڂ������Ȃ��@*Mac OS X version

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

[OS X�ɂ‚���: JP]

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Friday, November 15, 2002

[seen & notes: EN]
Following are the links I got some interests in this week. Sorry I don't have enough time to apply hyperlinks here, but I will add more and organize it on Sunday. I'm going to Vynl to listen Breaks tonight.

Linux enthusiasts considered OS X will be happy to know that...
[k] Maybe Linux enthusiasts are happy about it. I don't know how many existing Mac users would be happy to use FreeBSD/X Darwin/Gnome/KDE environment. I tried to install Gnome pack on X Darwin today, and it was very cumbersome, even FTP link I found on the Darwin Gnome site doesn't work. I'm not super UNIX user but I know more about it compared to Mac users. I have a feeling that most of existing Mac users would never use those of Linux applications. Actually, they don't have to unless Adobe transports Photoshop on GNOME or KDE. :-( Well, I don't think so.

Bill Gates Finds a Seattle in India
[k] Gates will invests $400 million to India.

TabletPC: Tablet PC Talk
[k] I never thought that I would think Microsoft is cool. I start using computer since I was 7 years old, the first machine was NEC PC-6001...connecting to TV and you can only see the green light....then I got PC-6601, then went to Nintendo's Famicon. After that, I tried to use MSX, but nevver liked it. Then I start using PC-8801FR when I was 14 years old. I made a lof of great memories with the machine. It was fantastic gaming machine to me. :-)

I knew TabletPC, but I never thought it's useful. However, I had a chance to see Toshiba's TabletPC today...and my impression changes, actually, TabletPC rocks. I think this is really a break through point of the human computing history. There are so many possibilities for many different kind of people. I wonder what is the plan of Sony's TabletPC model...I might go back to Win environment if Sony released really cool ones. I have a feeling that Hand Writing technology will be the key for the next couple of years. It's more than welcome to be a natural computing environment.

Smart Phones:
[k] I don't think these models looks smart, but people who wants to use these kind of stuff might think they are smart. I like Handspring's Treo 300. These are kind of expensive compared to what they can do.

Thursday, November 14, 2002

[Tech Gadgets: SonyEricsson T68i]

This is the mobile phone I really like to have. It has MS Outlook synchronization and I can take pictures with camera unit. I'm still using the old type Motorola's flip phone, and I love it. But the recent US phone market start expanding it's capability with Internet, and there are some attractive phones around, like Motorola V70. I start thinking to get a new phone and finally found this beautiful phone, SonyEricsson's T68i.

I also found very weird thing in the search of this phone. This phone can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile using GSM network, the phone itself is selling many different countries who has GSM network. T-Mobile has it's GSM network around 92 countries, especially calling from EU is cheap, it's less than a dollar. Although, I found that Japan is not in the T-Mobile GSM network. This is weird. Maybe Japan has it's own standard for the protocol, but this is a huge disadvantage if Japanese company would like to take an initiative for mobile phone market. Maybe there is different strategy... I wonder how Japanese people use mobile phone must be future scene to me.

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

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"Medium is the message"�Ƃ����}�N���[�n���̌��t������B�l�X�ȃ��f�B�A��T�ς��Ȃ���A�l�͊�x�»�̌��t�빂ɍ���ł����B���܂��̌��t��blog��ʂ��āA�l�̓��ɗn������ł䂭�̂괂��Ă���B

Monday, November 11, 2002

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Wednesday, November 06, 2002

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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

[music: JP]
�F�l��Rob����Global Underground #023��؂�ĕ����Ă���BJames Lavelle�Ƃ���DJ��Barcelona�Ńv���C�����Ƃ��̂�̂��B�ނ�mix�̓u���[�N�X�A�n�E�X�A�g�����X�̗v�f���S�n�悭�Z�����Ă���BGlobal Underground���A���_�[�O���E���h�Ȃ̂��ƕ�����Ă͢�邯��ǁA���̃V���[�Y�͏ꏊ��I���DJ���~�b�N�X���Ă���̂ŁA���̓y�n�̕��͋C�𖡂키���ɂ͖ʔ����B�G���N�g���b�N�E�~���[�W�b�N�S�ʂ��D�������ǁA�g�����X��n�E�X���������Ă�ƖO����Ƃ����l�ɂ��E�߂̈ꖇ�B����A�Q���g�Ȃ̂łQ���BGlobal Underground����|����NuBreed�Ƃ����V���[�Y�A�ŐV��͓�{��\Satoshi Tomiie.�@�ނ�Yellow�ł̃v���C�͓����ɂ������ɗǂ��������B����̓_�[�N�ȃv���O���b�V�u�E�n�E�X�B���̋C���Ƀs�b�^���B

[music: EN]
I've been listening the new Global Underground series #023 which is done by James Lavelle on Barcelona. He combined Breaks, Beat-Driven House and Trance with comfortable mix. I kind of like the Global Underground mix series since I could feel the place where each of DJ played. I also listened the NuBreed 06 which is done by Satoshi Tomiie, who is well known DJ in Japan. I used to listen his set at Yellow in Tokyo. He is playing Dark Progressive stuff at this time, it's really fits me in these days.

Monday, November 04, 2002

Microsoft's New Set of Hurdles

[k] MS antitrust case has been a big concern among various software vendors since the company start competing Netscape web browser. The result is, MS won the browser war, now IE has at least over 80% of browser market share....people use IE in stead of using Netscape.

Browser News: Stats

However, EU seeks to claim the US result of this case.

EU Microsoft probe continues

[k] Here is the new but old school paradigm of dominating the world, MS is almost doing same thing as Mcdonnald, Mcdonnald is everywhere in the world no matter how the food is bad...people doesn't care much about it if they could eat something with convienient price, time and locations.
We can say same thing to our computing world, people doesn't care if they can browse Internet and send some emails to their family and friends. If you buy PC, Windows OS is already come with the box, then you can start using Internet, you can send an email, you can make your document with MS Office... That's about it, that's what people wants...since most of the company uses MS Office and its related products, people doesn't want to get a PC which is not compatible with their working environment. In other words, most of the people don't have a choice to avoid buying MS products in many way. They have to manage their own life along with industry standards... maybe one of the biggest competitor of MS is Linux OS in server solutions. I like UNIX, it's like something you can build your own spaceship with some customization...but, it's not for everyone.

Microsoft, the browser war winner now have the foundation of developing software solutions based on the Internet technology. I have a feeling that the initiative of browser market made MS much more stronger than ever. .NET (C#), ASP, XML, SOAP....whatever it is called, the next generation of web is going to build a new kind of Web Service through Internet. Hope or depression? We will see.

Web Services Description Requirements

Sunday, November 03, 2002

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blogger��Web Interface�o�R�ł͂���Bƃg���b�L�[�Ȃ񂾂��ǁA�悤�₭��{��Ń|�X�g�ł���悤�ɂȂB��B��Bς茾���������Ƃ͓�{��ŏ�����X���X���Əo�Ă���B�s�[�X�I



Saturday, November 02, 2002

[body & mind]
I start taking YOGA class after work. The class is based on the Hatha Yoga and the room tempatature is set to be hot and humid. My body was unbelieavably sweating during the class.... imagine that if you do Yoga in a low-temparature sauna room... it was like that. After I finished the class, I became totally refreshed and I could smell the sweetness of the air. This is great to me since Colorado is such a dry place, I never sweat here even if the day is over 80 degree in the summer. I need this kind of refreshment once in a while. This week was very productive after I took the class, then I noticed that I'm having a lot of unvisible stress during the day, my eyes, body alignment, thinking and so on. Yoga helps me to adjust these unvisible thing from the streamlined move of our body. After I took the class, my mental condition becomes much more clear than before.

[party & music]
I went to the Helloween Party at the club called Church. The Church was originally a real church, and there are 3 Dance floors. It was first time I had costumed at the Helloween party, I became a Ninja with glowing swords. I thought it's fun to be something different than usual, and costuming is just a virtual thing. Everyone enjoyed the night.

Also, Deep Dish from Washington DC played at that night, and their DJ set was amazing as always. They are sort of popular big DJ in US, but their set has underground vibe and mix techniques.