Saturday, November 02, 2002

[body & mind]
I start taking YOGA class after work. The class is based on the Hatha Yoga and the room tempatature is set to be hot and humid. My body was unbelieavably sweating during the class.... imagine that if you do Yoga in a low-temparature sauna room... it was like that. After I finished the class, I became totally refreshed and I could smell the sweetness of the air. This is great to me since Colorado is such a dry place, I never sweat here even if the day is over 80 degree in the summer. I need this kind of refreshment once in a while. This week was very productive after I took the class, then I noticed that I'm having a lot of unvisible stress during the day, my eyes, body alignment, thinking and so on. Yoga helps me to adjust these unvisible thing from the streamlined move of our body. After I took the class, my mental condition becomes much more clear than before.


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