Friday, November 29, 2002

[EN: Macintosh Romance: Love or A Hand Wave]

At the first glimps of the article on Wired, I realized that I had similar experience with a girl using webcam over the network. At that time, I loved doing email whoever I communicate, just doing email was pure fun to me. I recieved over 300 of emails everyday, including many different kind of mailing lists and so on. I spent such time almost over several years, and I was kind of dis-communicated with the people who didn't had email account. Every communciation was done by email.

Maybe I loved doing communication through email, or I should say I was an Internet fetish. Otherwise, I was a Macintosh fetish. I tried every software I could get on the net, even entire HD had gone because of the installation of software. It was like a quest, and I had to do that since I wanted to know about it.

Anyway, here is an another interesting article on Register. I'm having a strange feeling when Apple started the 'Switch' campaign. Remember who saved Apple? It was Microsoft, and no matter what MS does for Apple, MS is one of the third party software company for Apple. Apple can't live without Microsoft products. Since IE and MS Office is the key software in Macintosh platform if PC users consider the switch from Windows OS. If Microsoft stopped providing IE and Office products, who the target audience of 'Swiitch' campaign wants to move platform from PC to Apple? Why Apple promotes the 'Switch' campaign without no consideration of these things? and without no exciting announcements for creative professionals?

Most of 3D professionals alredy moved to Windows NT platform more than 5 years ago, and probabry the video production is on the same way. Also, no professional music software is available on OS X yet (When they will support USB 2.0? How about Bluetooth? How about full-color display iPod which could play QuickTime movies?). I'm kind of bored about the recent strategy of Apple. I wonder how many fancy iMacs became an old school decolation in the house. I have been using Mac as my main computer past 10 years...maybe I could circle around this planet more than a couple of times...well, I should say that's enough for me.


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