Monday, November 04, 2002

Microsoft's New Set of Hurdles

[k] MS antitrust case has been a big concern among various software vendors since the company start competing Netscape web browser. The result is, MS won the browser war, now IE has at least over 80% of browser market share....people use IE in stead of using Netscape.

Browser News: Stats

However, EU seeks to claim the US result of this case.

EU Microsoft probe continues

[k] Here is the new but old school paradigm of dominating the world, MS is almost doing same thing as Mcdonnald, Mcdonnald is everywhere in the world no matter how the food is bad...people doesn't care much about it if they could eat something with convienient price, time and locations.
We can say same thing to our computing world, people doesn't care if they can browse Internet and send some emails to their family and friends. If you buy PC, Windows OS is already come with the box, then you can start using Internet, you can send an email, you can make your document with MS Office... That's about it, that's what people wants...since most of the company uses MS Office and its related products, people doesn't want to get a PC which is not compatible with their working environment. In other words, most of the people don't have a choice to avoid buying MS products in many way. They have to manage their own life along with industry standards... maybe one of the biggest competitor of MS is Linux OS in server solutions. I like UNIX, it's like something you can build your own spaceship with some customization...but, it's not for everyone.

Microsoft, the browser war winner now have the foundation of developing software solutions based on the Internet technology. I have a feeling that the initiative of browser market made MS much more stronger than ever. .NET (C#), ASP, XML, SOAP....whatever it is called, the next generation of web is going to build a new kind of Web Service through Internet. Hope or depression? We will see.

Web Services Description Requirements


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