Tuesday, November 05, 2002

[music: JP]
�F�l��Rob����Global Underground #023��؂�ĕ����Ă���BJames Lavelle�Ƃ���DJ��Barcelona�Ńv���C�����Ƃ��̂�̂��B�ނ�mix�̓u���[�N�X�A�n�E�X�A�g�����X�̗v�f���S�n�悭�Z�����Ă���BGlobal Underground���A���_�[�O���E���h�Ȃ̂��ƕ�����Ă͢�邯��ǁA���̃V���[�Y�͏ꏊ��I���DJ���~�b�N�X���Ă���̂ŁA���̓y�n�̕��͋C�𖡂키���ɂ͖ʔ����B�G���N�g���b�N�E�~���[�W�b�N�S�ʂ��D�������ǁA�g�����X��n�E�X���������Ă�ƖO����Ƃ����l�ɂ��E�߂̈ꖇ�B����A�Q���g�Ȃ̂łQ���BGlobal Underground����|����NuBreed�Ƃ����V���[�Y�A�ŐV��͓�{��\Satoshi Tomiie.�@�ނ�Yellow�ł̃v���C�͓����ɂ������ɗǂ��������B����̓_�[�N�ȃv���O���b�V�u�E�n�E�X�B���̋C���Ƀs�b�^���B

[music: EN]
I've been listening the new Global Underground series #023 which is done by James Lavelle on Barcelona. He combined Breaks, Beat-Driven House and Trance with comfortable mix. I kind of like the Global Underground mix series since I could feel the place where each of DJ played. I also listened the NuBreed 06 which is done by Satoshi Tomiie, who is well known DJ in Japan. I used to listen his set at Yellow in Tokyo. He is playing Dark Progressive stuff at this time, it's really fits me in these days.



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