Friday, November 15, 2002

[seen & notes: EN]
Following are the links I got some interests in this week. Sorry I don't have enough time to apply hyperlinks here, but I will add more and organize it on Sunday. I'm going to Vynl to listen Breaks tonight.

Linux enthusiasts considered OS X will be happy to know that...
[k] Maybe Linux enthusiasts are happy about it. I don't know how many existing Mac users would be happy to use FreeBSD/X Darwin/Gnome/KDE environment. I tried to install Gnome pack on X Darwin today, and it was very cumbersome, even FTP link I found on the Darwin Gnome site doesn't work. I'm not super UNIX user but I know more about it compared to Mac users. I have a feeling that most of existing Mac users would never use those of Linux applications. Actually, they don't have to unless Adobe transports Photoshop on GNOME or KDE. :-( Well, I don't think so.

Bill Gates Finds a Seattle in India
[k] Gates will invests $400 million to India.

TabletPC: Tablet PC Talk
[k] I never thought that I would think Microsoft is cool. I start using computer since I was 7 years old, the first machine was NEC PC-6001...connecting to TV and you can only see the green light....then I got PC-6601, then went to Nintendo's Famicon. After that, I tried to use MSX, but nevver liked it. Then I start using PC-8801FR when I was 14 years old. I made a lof of great memories with the machine. It was fantastic gaming machine to me. :-)

I knew TabletPC, but I never thought it's useful. However, I had a chance to see Toshiba's TabletPC today...and my impression changes, actually, TabletPC rocks. I think this is really a break through point of the human computing history. There are so many possibilities for many different kind of people. I wonder what is the plan of Sony's TabletPC model...I might go back to Win environment if Sony released really cool ones. I have a feeling that Hand Writing technology will be the key for the next couple of years. It's more than welcome to be a natural computing environment.

Smart Phones:
[k] I don't think these models looks smart, but people who wants to use these kind of stuff might think they are smart. I like Handspring's Treo 300. These are kind of expensive compared to what they can do.


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