Thursday, November 14, 2002

[Tech Gadgets: SonyEricsson T68i]

This is the mobile phone I really like to have. It has MS Outlook synchronization and I can take pictures with camera unit. I'm still using the old type Motorola's flip phone, and I love it. But the recent US phone market start expanding it's capability with Internet, and there are some attractive phones around, like Motorola V70. I start thinking to get a new phone and finally found this beautiful phone, SonyEricsson's T68i.

I also found very weird thing in the search of this phone. This phone can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile using GSM network, the phone itself is selling many different countries who has GSM network. T-Mobile has it's GSM network around 92 countries, especially calling from EU is cheap, it's less than a dollar. Although, I found that Japan is not in the T-Mobile GSM network. This is weird. Maybe Japan has it's own standard for the protocol, but this is a huge disadvantage if Japanese company would like to take an initiative for mobile phone market. Maybe there is different strategy... I wonder how Japanese people use mobile phone must be future scene to me.


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