Tuesday, December 31, 2002

[Apple | OSX Aqua UI]
GTK+OSX for Mac OS X Aqua
*GTK+OSX has released a native Macintosh Aqua port of the Linux-based GTK+ open source graphical user interface library. GTK+ (GIMP Toolkit) is a popular widget library supporting graphical applications for Linux. GTK+OSX version 0.1 is an alpha release intended for developers.*

[k] Here is my question: Does oldschool Mac users wants to use Linux apps?

Sunday, December 29, 2002

Docomo & AT&T hand shake for 3G
AT&T will start 3G service with Docomo. I'm kind of skeptical about the consumer perception for 3G. It is interesting to see how Japanese people use and develop 3G service in daily life. I mean, there are some possibility Japan could establish decent global standard regarding the mobile phone service, not only for technology advantages but also for solving people's daily life problems. I don't think playing RPG on mobile phone is good idea.

To the Moon.
SlashDot has an interesting discussion regarding the European plan of sending human to the Moon. I would like to go to the space before I die, but there are so many places I want to visit in this planet also. I wish human will stop killing each other before we could travel to the space.

Thursday, December 26, 2002


Escape Velocity NOVA




���Ƃ��Ώ��w���̍��Ƀh���N�G�鼕a���Ă܂Ŕ����ɍs�BāA���{�X�ɍs���O�ɖO���Ă��܂B����ƁA���܂ŒN�ɂ̾���܂���ł�����������Ɍ�ɂ��܂��B�l�̃Q�[�����̒��ɂ́uRPG�̓��x���A�b�v���h���A�؃g��������h���v�Ƃ�����̂�����܂����AEV NOVA�͂���Ȃ��ƖY�ꂳ���Ă����قlj�K�ɃX�g�[���[���W�J���Ă����܂��B�[���A�¤���낻��Q�悤�Ǝv�B����Ɂu���[�I�v�BĂ������炢�Ȑ����ŐV���ȓW�J���K��܂��B

�l�ނƂ͈قȂ�m�I�����̂̃t�B�[���h�ɈڂB��Ƃ��̐��E�ς�A���������}�b�v�𗊂�ɉF���Ԃ靕����Ă��邾���ł©�Ȃ�ʔ�����ł����A����BƖ�f����ƉF���̖q��Ԃɂ�Ȃ肩�˂Ȃ��̂ŁA�����̃~�b�V�������ɔc�����ėV��ʼn������BMac Only��Shareware�ł�������Ȃ��Ɗ֌W�Ȃ��t���ɗV�ׂ܂��B�v���Ԃ�ɉ���l�������������Q�[���̐��E�ɐZ�肽���l�ɁB

Monday, December 23, 2002


1. �N���N�n�͓�{�ʼn߂����\��ł���
2. ����ɕ����Ă���v���W�F�N�g�̌`��܂Ƃ߂�ׂɒ�����킸�d�����Ă���
3. �A�����J�œ����ׂ̘J���r�U�̃A�b�v�f�[�g�ɃS�^�S�^�����B��B
4. �r�U�̃A�b�v�f�[�g�����ɂ��ăi���o�[�����E�v���C�I���e�B�ƂȂB��B
5. ���ނ̎葱���ȂǁA��T���ɂ悤�₭�����B���Ƃ�INS�̔F�‚�҂‚̂݁B
4. ���ʁA�r�U������͍̂ŒZ�ł�N�����Ƃ������ƂɂȂ�A���̏�ԂŋA������͔̂��ɂ܂����Ƃ������f������A���N��f���o�[�ŐV�N��}���邱�ƂƂȂ�܂����B


Merry X'mas & Happy Holidays!

[holly music]
Journey's by DJ
Gills Peterson

London���甭�M����鉹�y�ɂ͂‚˂Ɏ���̃o�C�u���[�V�����A���y��ʂ��ē`��BĂ��郉�C�u�Ȋ��o�괂���B���A�O���[���AAcid Jazz�A�n�E�X�A�e�N�m�ADnB�A2 Step....�l�͂����̉��y�𒮂��Ȃ���A�G���N�g���j�b�N�E�~���[�W�b�N�ɂ�BčL���BĂ������E�K�͂ł̉��̃~�N�X�`���[�ɐ�������Ă����B

���J���Ԃ�ɁALondon��TalkinLoud�œ����F�l��Fi�����B�Gills Peterson��World Wide2��Mix�𒮂����B����Mix�ł�Jazz Nova��M���ɂ��ꂩ��ɹ�̐��҂ł��葱����ł��낤�~���[�W�V����������Gills Peterson���~�b�N�X���Ă���B����CD�Ɋւ��ẮA��Ȃ��Ƃ̃N�I���e�B�͍�������ǂ�A�S�̂̃~�b�N�X�Ƃ��Ă̓A���o�����X�Ȋ����ۂ߂Ȃ��B��B

��T���B�Gills Perterson�̐V�����~�b�N�X�AJourney by DJ(Desert Island mix)�ɂ�World Wide2�Ŋ����邱�Ƃ̏o���Ȃ��B��O���[�����΂B����܂BĂ���B�X�O�N��ɒ����܂��B��v���o�̃g���b�N���A���������Ƃ̂Ȃ��B��~�b�N�X�Ƌ��Ɏ���𒴂��đh�BĂ���B

����CD�𒮂��Ȃ���A�X�O�N��͖ʔ������ゾ�B��Ȃ��Ƃ‚��U��ԂBĂ��܂B��B���𐟂܂��΁A���ł�S�ɋ����T�E���h�����������݂���BBalistic Brothers��Love Supreme�AKevin Yost��One Starry Night�ق��AჂ��g���b�N���ځB�N���̖Y�N��Œ����Ȃ���A�b�ɉԂ�炩���ė~�����ꖇ�ł��B

Sunday, December 01, 2002

[travel: Arches National Park]

Arches National Park:

[EN: Beyond XP: Longhorn]

*The next version of the world's most popular desktop operating system, code-named "Longhorn," is due out in test form next year and in final form in 2004. It will have a new look and feel, very different from Windows XP's. Its guts will also be radically different from Windows XP's, because they're based on XML -- extensible markup language, the emerging lingua franca of the Internet. And it will be the first version that won't function fully without new hardware.*

[k] I'm not only a Mac user but also a Windows user. I separate my tasks what is the best platform to do things, like Macintosh for creative tasks and Windows for corporate communication and Internet etc. After the recent fever about TabletPC, I finally get intereted in Windows OS, from the stand point of improving gereral user's computing experience. This is an interesting article about the next generation of Windows XP, code named Longhorn.

I found a lot of UI customization tools on Windows XP, such as like Style XP and Tweak XP. These are alternative creative force from Windows users who wants to create the edge as possible as they can. Well, I should say their creative force has much more energy than I thought.