Wednesday, January 01, 2003

Mobile Weblogs
Creative energy drives journals' evolution

*Perhaps it's a testament to the vitality of the new genre, but weblogs are not only multiplying, they are morphing. Just visit the weblog hosted by future-oriented California author Howard Rheingold (, a companion to his recent book, ''SmartMobs,'' to see some of the creative energy driving the evolution of these Web-based journals. *

[k] I found this link from Flash: The Future site. This article reminds me of Justin's moblog article. While technology always intended to solve new problems, the real usage of the technology might be defined by it's audience because we can't expect just one scenario for one thing, there should be multiple scenario from different people's mind set and it's realities. Maybe Japanese people prefer to exchange their mobile photo image for dating, but that technology might have different meanings if it will be available to someone who lives in another realities. It's about the desire how people wants to make their life better.

I agree that blog are morphing, with many different new ideas from people's web of human consciousness. We shall aware of that some of new ideas around blog would happen from our Creative Commons, from many different people's thoughts and realities. Isn't that exciting?

Happy blogging. :)


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