Wednesday, January 08, 2003

[seen & notes]
Hhuu, it's always busy just after the new years day, aren't you? Well, that's not a good excuse. ;) Here is my Seen & Notes of the week. Please check it out.

The Innovative Technologies from Science Fiction for Space Applications (ITSF)
ITSF Factseet Keyword
[k] Everything human could imagine things would have the possibility of happenig in real. You can see a lot of things already happening from the imagination of Science Fiction. I enjoy this site a lot.

Dan Gillmor: What's ahead? Take the annual quiz tech forecast of year 2003. Where Apple goes?
[k] Well, Apple...., Jobs announced new things at MacWorld SF....., well.... 17inch Powerbook? Safari? Firewire 2?..... I expected Tablet Mac which uses Inkwell technology.

Could Diamond Chips Supplant Silicon? : Advantages include smaller size, durability, Japanese scientists say.
[k] Please make computer much faster. I hope there will be No system startup time in the future. Is that too fast? I don't think so.

Microsoft on horns of dilemma
*For Microsoft, the evolution of Longhorn is a delicate balancing act. If it makes only minor changes to the operating system, few people will buy it. But if it makes big improvements, it will have to take more and more time to tinker with increasingly complex Windows code, raising the possibility of errors and delays - and some customers still might not bite. *

[k] Maybe we can say same thing to buy a car, house, bike, camping tools etc. The era of *everyone should upgrade* might end up in the future. Why I need to buy $2000-3000 dollar thing every 2 years? My dad only needs to have buisiness software which runs on Win 98. According to him, he doesn't know the difference between Win2000, and he doesn't care XP. Also, he doesn't need to have an email account for private usage. He likes hiking on the mountain, though.

[k] Phish comes back! I saw Tray's show at Red Rocks. His guiter is amazing. I'm kind of away from this scene but I like the music itself.

Chromosome Linked to Alzheimer's Unravelled
Human beings have 23 sets of chromosomes. Three other chromosomes have been fully sequenced in the past three years: 20, 21 and 22.
[k] Here is an another important 23.

Mind Games
To beat the competition, video games are getting smarter
[k] I always felt that computer is stupid because of the weakness of V.S. Computer mode. This is an another reason why Video Game became a communication tool for us, especially when I was kid, it's a first priority topic you can play games having fun with friends. I didn't even needed to talk with my friends during the game, since I was communicating with them through the controller and it's mili-second interactions. We are the thumb tribe.

Electronic Grading: When the Tablet is Mightier than the Pen
[k] Does anyone has good thoughts using Pen interface for your daily computing?

No More Pencils, No More Bics
[k] Indeed, I don't want to bring laptop to bathroom, even I have wireless network connection at home. I might bring Tablet PC if I could read magazines on it.


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