Friday, February 28, 2003


Once I start blogging, many things come to my mind. Many thoughts actually come from some kind of consciousness I share with my friends. This space connects to many interests I have. Once I post something for someone, I want to post another thing to other friend, then I realised that I'm having a lot of interests sharing with many people. Maybe later doesn't work for blogging, but I found a solution lately. :)

I will post something later.

+ Peace on Earth +

I've been listening many of sample music here. There is streming radio of alex perterson's dj set, which is kind of relax mode. Turntable is going up to my top 3 wish list in these days. No1 is a high resolution projector, No2 is MotionDive 3.

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Deep Dish��Renessance CD2�ⱂ��̂Ƃ��낸�Bƒ����Ă���B�e�����N���钼�O�̉āA�U���炢�܂ł͍ō��̃r���h�A�b�v���Ǝv���B�����Ō�̕ӂ�̍r���Ƀe���ȑO�̊��o��v���N��������B


������global underground��024�Anick_warren�̃Z�b�g�ɂȂ肻�����B����͂¤�X�Q�[�����B��̌����ɂȂ�܂��B

I'm listening the nick warran's new mix of global underground 024. It has a story, full of crystal clear sound.

Monday, February 10, 2003

[hot wings in Domino Pizza]

The picture is Matze who came to visit Denver from Germany. We hang out last weekend and had some good time. We were looking for BBQ Hot Wings in town but couldn't find special place for it. Finally, we found the sign on Domino Pizza. This is the moblog shot of Matze's happy face after we found it. Hot Wings was good though.

�͗F�B��Matze.?@�h�C�c����ZdZ��Ńf���o?[�ɗ��Ă���̂�?A?T���͔��?F?X�ƌ��ĉ��܂���?B?@BBQ�\?[�X�����BՂ肩���B��`�L����T�����?A����Domino Pizza��?I��?B�T�����Ă����?K��Smoblog.

Wednesday, February 05, 2003

[first moblog]

The picture is Trevor. I took this one with T300. I like the quality of the picture so far. It's fun. Thanks Trevor!