Monday, February 10, 2003

[hot wings in Domino Pizza]

The picture is Matze who came to visit Denver from Germany. We hang out last weekend and had some good time. We were looking for BBQ Hot Wings in town but couldn't find special place for it. Finally, we found the sign on Domino Pizza. This is the moblog shot of Matze's happy face after we found it. Hot Wings was good though.

�͗F�B��Matze.?@�h�C�c����ZdZ��Ńf���o?[�ɗ��Ă���̂�?A?T���͔��?F?X�ƌ��ĉ��܂���?B?@BBQ�\?[�X�����BՂ肩���B��`�L����T�����?A����Domino Pizza��?I��?B�T�����Ă����?K��Smoblog.


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