Sunday, March 30, 2003


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Friday, March 28, 2003


I finally reached at the office after the 30 hours flight and train ride. The last couple of days were really busy to meet people and figure out how I should work with them. People are nice and food is good. Everything flows smoothly when it goes right direction. I like India a lot, sometimes feel like I was here before.

I'm having a plan with my team mates to go to somewhere. It's very interesting place. I was always dreaming to go there but I never thought I could go there with this trip. The plan coincidentally happened to me just last few days but comes really perfectly. So far so good.

Monday, March 24, 2003

[Denver - LA - Taipei - Singapore - New Delhi]

I'm on the way to go to our India office in Chandigarh. I'm now waiting next flight to New Delhi in Singapore airport, still have few hours to do something so I decided to blog. Singapore is a beatiful place, airport is really advanced, and many of duty free shops are in the terminal. I can get this eithernet connection free.

Actually, the atomosphere of airport is very relaxed than I thought. The LA airport was kind of tight security and I was getting nervous to make this trip. I chose Singapore airline to go to India and I'm happy with Singapore airline. It was almost 20 hours I spent in the air plane during this trip, however, I'm not tired yet.

I'm going to New Delhi next, stay in a hotel for a night and will take a train to Chandigarh next morning. I never been to other Asian countries in my life, but I start having warm feeling in Singapore, this is a hub airport to other asian countries, and I can see many people here. It's fun to imagine where they are going next....people are nice, weather is beautiful.

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

[Snow storm in Denver]
Today, Denver gets snow storm. I can't go back to my house so I'm staying my friend's house. Every school are closed. I can't even move my car if I park on the road over 30 minutes.

Saturday, March 15, 2003

[Global Candlelight Vigil for Peace] Democracy in Action

Friday, March 14, 2003

[Papa Bush hopes peace in the Middle East]

I had a little releaf after I read this article. Papa Bush says following:

In an ominous warning for his son, Mr Bush Sr said that he would have been able to achieve nothing if he had jeopardised future relations by ignoring the UN. �The Madrid conference would never have happened if the international coalition that fought together in Desert Storm had exceeded the UN mandate and gone on its own into Baghdad after Saddam and his forces.�

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

[bugs on blogger]
I'm having a problem with blogger. This happened after I start using Safari. It seems like Safari has problems especially with Java applet. It looks like the java applet on Blogger server broke in somehow. Maybe you noticed that my previous post also gone. I didn't remove it, though.

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Sunday, March 02, 2003

It seems like I can't do blog from Safari. I haven't figured out the problem yet, but there is a bug between Safari and Blogger server, I can't see any of my recent post I've done with Safari. So I go back to IE now.
I think if Apple wants to make this browser widely accepted, they should support many of important specs from W3C (XSLT) to Microsoft solutions (ASP). If not, Safari will become just a beatiful island on pacific ocean where many people not connected to real world problems. The beautiful island is very attractive, I would love to stay there, but you can't stay more than few weeks if you need to go back to the real world.

Saturday, March 01, 2003

[Safari vs IE]

I'm trying to switch my browser to Safari. Do you think am I happy now? YES, I'm very happy for following reasons.

1. I can post comments in Japanese using Text Encoding = Japanese (or Unicode).
Since Blogger doesn't support Japanese input in their web application, I always had to write Japanese text with Stikies then copy & paste them in Blogger UI. It was a really pain process because the default Text encoding of Blogger web app is always 1-byte, I had to change the encoding to Japanese everytime I post something, even preview the post in Blogger. Now I can directly write Japanese on Blogger. This is huge improvement to me.

2. Transporting IE Bookmark.
I have tons of bookmars in IE, and you know, I can't live without these bookmarks. However, Apple did good thing here, Safari stores IE bookmarks into "Imported IE Favorites" folder when you go to Show All Bookmarks in the menu item. I just selected all bookmarks list (Select All) in the window then drag&drop it to the Bookmarks Menu which locates second row in the Bookmark window. Guess what? All of my IE bookmarks are now available under the bookmark menu of Safari. I did this within a minute. No pain, No conflicts. Just smile quietly. :)

3. Faster than IE in general.
I noticed that Safari is faster than IE for most of the site. There are some sites slower than IE.

Safari is a good option for OS X users. My biggest concern of Mac version of IE was slower implementation of the new technology. It shouldn't be a problem if Apple will implement right thing, seems like Apple doesn't care too much about Web Service. Also, I just noticed that posting article from Safari cause my blog site down for some minutes...I have to investigate the character encoding thing next few days.

Now it's interesting to see the next release of MS IE for OS X. Competition is always good thing. Overall, I still need to use IE at this moment. ;)