Monday, March 24, 2003

[Denver - LA - Taipei - Singapore - New Delhi]

I'm on the way to go to our India office in Chandigarh. I'm now waiting next flight to New Delhi in Singapore airport, still have few hours to do something so I decided to blog. Singapore is a beatiful place, airport is really advanced, and many of duty free shops are in the terminal. I can get this eithernet connection free.

Actually, the atomosphere of airport is very relaxed than I thought. The LA airport was kind of tight security and I was getting nervous to make this trip. I chose Singapore airline to go to India and I'm happy with Singapore airline. It was almost 20 hours I spent in the air plane during this trip, however, I'm not tired yet.

I'm going to New Delhi next, stay in a hotel for a night and will take a train to Chandigarh next morning. I never been to other Asian countries in my life, but I start having warm feeling in Singapore, this is a hub airport to other asian countries, and I can see many people here. It's fun to imagine where they are going next....people are nice, weather is beautiful.


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