Friday, April 04, 2003

[10 days in India]

I have been in India 10 days now. This is very interesting trip to me since I'm so comfortale being here. Everything is different but everything is fine. I have two more weeks to go and this weekend is just a half way turning point. I'm going to see Golden Temple and Taj Mahar with James tomorrow, and am planning to visit Dalai Lama in Dharamsara during the weekend of 4/12.

The plan of visiting Dharamsara happens to me with some good coincidence. The guy who works at the office told me he could introduce me to someone over there. I never imagined I could go to see Dalai Lama with this bussiness trip...I feel very lucky and happy. I think I should be there to pray the world peace.

The coincidence also happend to me on the internet last few days. I have to go there making sure the truth of this article. ;)

Dalai Lama - yellowhat linux


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