Monday, May 05, 2003

[New iTunes and iPod]
Apple announced the new iTunes and iPod. I just thought that the new iPod looks cooler than previous one, however, I can't still see any new evolution with the new model. It's definitely handy and smarty, but not necessary for me at this moment.

I still don't like following things around iPod.

1. It doesn't have a color display - Please allow me to see movies or pictures with iPod. It would be nice if I could transfer my iPhoto pictures through wireless connections with my Powerbook.

2. Battery life. I couldn't use iPod when I was on the long flight with some connections. I want to have this one.

About iTunes 4.

I don't get where the $.99 charge for a song comes from. I pay around $15 to 18 to buy a new CD, which has around 650MB data with 16bit 44kHz AIFF file. Let's face that MP3 is compressed the data around 1/5 to 1/10....yes, people can't recognize the difference. I would like to mention that again the sound quality of MP3 is definitely lower than AIFF file. The $.99 for a song meets $9.90 for 10 songs, which is half price of the CD. Well, can I say Apple sucks something here? Maybe is that for the "protection" fee? I don't know, I don't know the deal between Apple and music industry, however, I still like to buy a CD for my better music life.

I also checked the Album listings in iTunes...."Electronic > Staff Favorites" doesn't attracting me at all. I'm also wondering how the contents are presented in iTunes. Is that same engine with Safari? or just iTunes proprietary browser thing?


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