Thursday, July 03, 2003

[k*blog is over?]

I have been thinking to stop posting comments for a while, and actually it has been stoped over a month. There are many reasons I didn't do blog, my mind set had changed since I came back from the trip to India and Japan. At the same time, I was very busy, I moved to the new apartment in Denver and went to run buy basic stuff for living etc... still don't have phone line in my place by the way.

Followings were my concern for blog.

1. Blog as communication tool with friends.
This was the main reason why I start blog. When I wrote something, it's mainly for someone whom I know. I enjoyed the response from them, sometimes it connects my thought to the person. I still feel like blog is a good tool for communication, although, it's not for everyone who check this site, and I was having strange feeling to post something to public.

2. Blog as comunity building tool (for buissiness).
I never did this with my blog, however, there is a lot of corporate blogs around, especially from Macromedia folks. I think corporate blog is the best approach if you want to make a community of developers and users. I would like to do this in the near future but k*blog is not the place for.

3. Blog as personal media.
This is probabry the best description for many blogs around. What I thought from this perspective is having personal media is a kind of drug. You can build your own ID for what you want to be, and build your personal network through the topic you want to share with. In this sense, the distance of location is no longer an issue. It connects people just like a web of network. Maybe this is the real world wide web from the perspective of individuals. However, as everyone has prefference of people whom they want to hang out with, I realised that my network is not just for a group or just for a person, then I got a little confusion what I really want to tell something to each individuals. I don't know yet but it's not my first priority for now.

I was in the traveler mind-set since I came to US, and this is the main reason why I wanted to share my thoughts with my friend in Japan and other countries. However, I'm no longer a traveler here. My mind set has changed in a good way after the trip to India and Japan. This is the place I want to be, and I have a lot of things to do. So many beautiful things are surrounding in daily life, and I have to do things before I do blog.

So, nothing wrong with blog. I will keep posting some of my favorite music or some thoughts. But I'm not a writer, I can't post my thoughts as often as other blogs. I don't want to make my mind always being in the busy state because of blog, yes, probabry that's the reason why.

Here is the list of what I want to do now.
1. Do my best work.
2. Start taking Yoga class after work.
3. Go to mountains, feel the beauty of nature.
4. Playing music, reading books, cooking.
5. Decolate my new room. <- I love my new place. :)


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