Wednesday, August 27, 2003

[Weird fact about Japanese design]

I'm doing T Shirts design, and encounter an interesting fact how design is accepted by people who has different background of culture, different view point of visual is what I found out.

1. Non-Japanese nationals like design with Japanese character. People would be willing to wear the T Shirts which has Japanese character on it.

2. Japanese national don't like Japanese character as an element of design. People woudn't wear the T Shirts that have Japanese character.

So here is my dillenma for the design work... I'm making a T Shirts which is for Japanese market, I mean, the intended audience is basically Japanese nationals... However, I'm in the environment where a lot of multi-nationals work together. They say Japanese character is really cool and want to see it as a design element of T Shirts. That is make sense because it's about Japan related stuff....

Maybe this is because Japan is island, the majority of people think that Japanese characters aren't cool... indeed, people likes foreign culture, and its actually look cool if you are in Japan. This is kind of similar sense as many of non-Japanese nationals think that Japanese character looks cool.

Thursday, August 21, 2003


The Road to Windows Longhorn 2003

I think Microsoft needs some serious boost with the next version of OS, Longhorn. Because I sometimes feel like it is too heavy to run just a basic stuff. Those things are basically comes from the fact that my files are kind of messy in HDs. But whatever messy it is, it should have somewhat intelligent feature set that solve the problem from bottom revel.

Maybe this kind of tiny thing made me irritated about Microsoft... I irritates when Window gets really slow or just I feel heavy just perform simple thing. However, Microsoft will change the UI system from the core revel...CPU is no longer in charge of drawing UI, it will be drawn by DirectX using the graphic card processors. The UI element will be described as XML so it could have somewhat context sensitive interface, every graphics and techniques could be the element of UI. This sounds like a fun to make custom skin for the system, hopefully, I could develop my own UI environment which is fully customizable from Longhorn UI elements.

I also think Apple needs serious boosts for their Aqua stuff. Aqua may look cool from the visual perspective, but I already feel like it's dated...and minus point is that I can't customize UI. I kind of think that Apple took wrong way regarding's hard to develop software and heavy to customize... I don't have serious problem with it but I can say I'm less fascinated, which is a good thing because that means Mac becomes just a nature to me. No complains, just a tool...but I would like to see some fascinating stuff in the near future. Panther? Well, I don't think that is what I want. =)

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

[Breakfast on moon: EN/JP]

Humans could 'live on moon in 20 years'

Wow! The time will come. Do you think we need similar revel of gravity for making the perfect sunny side up? I think it might be a good chill to see the earth everyday. Traveling to the moon for planetary awareness. I wish I could go there.


Thursday, August 14, 2003

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I noticed that she is also using the gadget. I thought this toy might be good for personal broadcasting..., let's say emergency situation for sudden blackouts. ;) I thought that 1.3mega pixel is not enough for digital camera, you can't print....however, this toy is not made for the snapshot or something what normal camera can do better, I should say this one has much more mobility than each individual tool. If we want to do something better, we need a software that can use each device function. It would be great if this toy could have Wi-Fi so you can use internet software which enables map navigation system in the city, video conference on your favorite coffee shop, streaming radio at the park and so on. In addition, I want to build custom made flash-light that could have fuel-cell bettery pack to keep the light on....

[travel fever: jp]

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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

[music fever: en]

I have been listening these...Deep Dish definitely made my summer, and their recent release of afterhours mixes are fantastic. I really like Deep Dish, they are originally from Iran, and they have such beautiful groove in the mix. I read an article about them and they said they made the groove with the traditional sounds of Iran. I don't know much about Iran but after the Iraq war happened, I start interested in ancient to traditional culture from Iran/Iraq. I like Deep Dish the best among other DJs, their groove really fits me. I think the most amazing part of dance music is to share the sense of reminds me the truth, dancing is common language for everyone.

Cafe Del Mar did make a great one this year. It's especially good for listen this compilation after I saw Sasha, Carl Cox, Christopher Lawrence, Deep Dish, Danny Howels, and many other DJs...

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

[Wi-Fi Fever: EN]

I start using wireless connection in my apartment. Now every place I spent most of my time has wireless network, in the office, at my favorite cafe, in my apartment...well, that's it...but that's enough. :)

[Gadget Fever: EN]

I think I was born as a goood consumer... Everytime I found some interests to the product, no one can stop my motivation till I lose interests by myself.... I know we don't need much stuff for basic life, but I would say having a good product makes my life more productive.

I recently bought Pioneer CDJ100 with mixer...for my better music life. ;) I'm having so much fun playing with this new toy. I don't have much stuff for my apartment, but I feel home because of this, even if I don't have dining table. Music is the best decoration to me.

I'm also interested in this toy... I can't think of any excuse to buy this one, except for "Because this is cool". Well, after I looked these tech specs, I found that every feature in this toy has less ability than a normal product...Camera is 1.3MB, Video is 320pix, MP3 is not enough for long trip...but it's all in one! I don't have to bring three different thing and it would fit in my pocket! Honestly to say, this is my first product I got interest in Panasonic stuff.

Here is a link to the guy whom I think he is a great consumer. :)

MS Research Projects

Just found this site. There are many topics they are doing...AutoDJ? Are they going to have DJ features with Media Player? Well, will see.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

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