Tuesday, August 12, 2003

[Gadget Fever: EN]

I think I was born as a goood consumer... Everytime I found some interests to the product, no one can stop my motivation till I lose interests by myself.... I know we don't need much stuff for basic life, but I would say having a good product makes my life more productive.

I recently bought Pioneer CDJ100 with mixer...for my better music life. ;) I'm having so much fun playing with this new toy. I don't have much stuff for my apartment, but I feel home because of this, even if I don't have dining table. Music is the best decoration to me.

I'm also interested in this toy... I can't think of any excuse to buy this one, except for "Because this is cool". Well, after I looked these tech specs, I found that every feature in this toy has less ability than a normal product...Camera is 1.3MB, Video is 320pix, MP3 is not enough for long trip...but it's all in one! I don't have to bring three different thing and it would fit in my pocket! Honestly to say, this is my first product I got interest in Panasonic stuff.

Here is a link to the guy whom I think he is a great consumer. :)


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