Thursday, August 21, 2003


The Road to Windows Longhorn 2003

I think Microsoft needs some serious boost with the next version of OS, Longhorn. Because I sometimes feel like it is too heavy to run just a basic stuff. Those things are basically comes from the fact that my files are kind of messy in HDs. But whatever messy it is, it should have somewhat intelligent feature set that solve the problem from bottom revel.

Maybe this kind of tiny thing made me irritated about Microsoft... I irritates when Window gets really slow or just I feel heavy just perform simple thing. However, Microsoft will change the UI system from the core revel...CPU is no longer in charge of drawing UI, it will be drawn by DirectX using the graphic card processors. The UI element will be described as XML so it could have somewhat context sensitive interface, every graphics and techniques could be the element of UI. This sounds like a fun to make custom skin for the system, hopefully, I could develop my own UI environment which is fully customizable from Longhorn UI elements.

I also think Apple needs serious boosts for their Aqua stuff. Aqua may look cool from the visual perspective, but I already feel like it's dated...and minus point is that I can't customize UI. I kind of think that Apple took wrong way regarding's hard to develop software and heavy to customize... I don't have serious problem with it but I can say I'm less fascinated, which is a good thing because that means Mac becomes just a nature to me. No complains, just a tool...but I would like to see some fascinating stuff in the near future. Panther? Well, I don't think that is what I want. =)


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