Wednesday, August 13, 2003

[music fever: en]

I have been listening these...Deep Dish definitely made my summer, and their recent release of afterhours mixes are fantastic. I really like Deep Dish, they are originally from Iran, and they have such beautiful groove in the mix. I read an article about them and they said they made the groove with the traditional sounds of Iran. I don't know much about Iran but after the Iraq war happened, I start interested in ancient to traditional culture from Iran/Iraq. I like Deep Dish the best among other DJs, their groove really fits me. I think the most amazing part of dance music is to share the sense of reminds me the truth, dancing is common language for everyone.

Cafe Del Mar did make a great one this year. It's especially good for listen this compilation after I saw Sasha, Carl Cox, Christopher Lawrence, Deep Dish, Danny Howels, and many other DJs...


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