Wednesday, August 27, 2003

[Weird fact about Japanese design]

I'm doing T Shirts design, and encounter an interesting fact how design is accepted by people who has different background of culture, different view point of visual is what I found out.

1. Non-Japanese nationals like design with Japanese character. People would be willing to wear the T Shirts which has Japanese character on it.

2. Japanese national don't like Japanese character as an element of design. People woudn't wear the T Shirts that have Japanese character.

So here is my dillenma for the design work... I'm making a T Shirts which is for Japanese market, I mean, the intended audience is basically Japanese nationals... However, I'm in the environment where a lot of multi-nationals work together. They say Japanese character is really cool and want to see it as a design element of T Shirts. That is make sense because it's about Japan related stuff....

Maybe this is because Japan is island, the majority of people think that Japanese characters aren't cool... indeed, people likes foreign culture, and its actually look cool if you are in Japan. This is kind of similar sense as many of non-Japanese nationals think that Japanese character looks cool.


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