Tuesday, September 16, 2003

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This was the year I bought my first Mac. It was the first summer in the college. I worked for SevenEleven 5 days during a week. I was extremely excited about buying a Mac because Mac used to be the best creative tool for designers. I was always dreaming what I could do for motion graphics and video editing. I spent at least $15,000 to install video capture card, external HDs, and memory.

Anyway, a friend of mine, nicknamed 'Taicho-' had an AMIGA that was fully equipped with high-end video editing capability. I always hang out with him and discussed what we could do and what no one had done before etc. Well, we soon to figured out many things has been done except for computer graphics and real-time video editing... We made a lot of movie clips and became a live unit of doing some visual stuff.

A year later or so I start doing VJ at clubs in Tokyo. I mixed many of motion clips and graphics with techno sounds. I did VJ for Kyohei-san, Yamazaki-san, WADA-san, Shuji-san, Tateyama-kun and many of good people who are doing well in the dance scene in Tokyo. I had so much fun around that time.

I also started working as a student contractor for the design production who had full DTP service in the office. I became an DTP operator of QuarkXPress 3.2J. I did a tons of film scans (dust & scratch with Photoshop 3), adjust EPS graphics with Illustrator, making clipping path(!)....I learned a lot about Print around that time, and spent a lot of money to buy a new Mac, new equipments, new software and so on.

I never get used to use keyboard before I start writing email. I took a class called Media Theory when I spent three years in the college. I met Prof Takemura at the class and he said email to him if you have an address. I had my email account few months before I took the class, but never used it since no one had email account around my friends. The provider was TWICS and NCSA Mosaic was just released. I took 3 hours to write an email to Prof Takemura...then sent it to him, sit back and relax... 10 minutes later, I recieved the reply from him. I couldn't imagine how fast it was. I was shocked by the power of network, power of words, and the feeling of being connected.

I start visiting his office few times in a week. I met his students who was taking his another class. We started a mailing list...then I deeply got into the network. After I spent a year or so Prof Takemura offered me to join the research center of media aesthetics at Kyoto University of Art and Design. I dedicated the research work to seek the digital design aesthetics from Japanese traditional elements. I worked for Goverment projects, museums, big companies such as Panasonic, NTT and so on. I became an early adaptor of Quark and spent my most of time with the software. Yes, that's why I joined Quark. ;)

Well, that's my history with Mac...without Apple, I'm not here. Mac changed my life and I'm happy with it. I'm still dreaming about what software could be done for the future of design.

[travel fever]
*Best view with Shift-JIS(Japanese) encoding.


A good friend of mine, Miki told me this site. This is a great site for making a flight plan across Europe. The round trip between London to Rome costs around 80 GBP, which is $120 or \15,000. It's about same price for the train ride between Tokyo and Osaka.


The Universal Currency Converter

Also, below is the good site for the currency conversion. This site is a big helper for me these days...but I surprised how expensive London is.


Tuesday, September 09, 2003

[Travel Thoughts : JP] *Best view with Shift-JIS(Japanese) encoding

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