Monday, October 20, 2003

[In London]

I was meeting with my friends in London after I left India. I had good time with Ben, Fi, and Mika. It wasn't enough time for me to talk about future things, but that feeling should be the motivation to visit there again. I'm so grad to meet with them and am very happy now. Life is made by full of interesting events. :)

By the way, Fi gave me the new Cafe Del Mar CD which is "The Very Best of Cafe Del Mar". She is promoting the CD now, and it's really good. It is the compilation of past 10 years of Cafe Del Mar...with a lot of memories you might have.
Ben is a cool designer for lights and he has great sense of colors. Mika is really a cool girl who truly interested in making a bridge between UK and Japan. I really like the way how they are. I have full of respects from my heart. Hope to see them in the near future. :)


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