Thursday, December 18, 2003

[F L U : EN]
I think I got flu from somewhere. I have been coughing many times, and my thoughts sometimes produces absolute non-sense. But the thing is, I can't think twice because of this diggy feeling. I could get several hours to do some stuff within focus, but my concentration is reducing.

I thought this is not good for work, so I start taking some medicine. My cough went away gradually when I start taking the homeopathic syrup, and start feeling better around the throat when I was on the effect, it's natural, have some zinc, and, well... it's homeopathic.

So, next day I took more strong medicine before I went to bed... That one stayed in my body till 9:30am or around. That medicine was strong...I didn't even wake up after I went to bed so I could get enough sleep with it.

I noticed a good sign of my health this afternoon. I was still coughing, but I was feeling hungry during the day, that means I'm getting better, my body demands some energy. So I went home early and start cooking. While I'm cooking, I start remembering the energy of food, I cooked a lot of onions and garlic with marinated chicken. I feel better now, but my left-side nose is getting closed. I think I need some rest.... but it's just a week away to finish this year's work.

After that, I need pure relax. Every X'mas has been always purification time to me. I feel like the atomosphere is getting ready to go to next year.


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