Saturday, January 10, 2004

[Year 2004]

I made a year resolution for this year. I will stop many of my "favors" that I have been doing for long time. I will do this resolution for some purification of my body, mind, and brain. It must be interesting to see how I'm dependent on these items. I always had this thought after I did Yoga, and have noticed that some of my favors are making my conditions worth.

Like smoking, one of my long time favorite, doesn't make my health better. I know this fact so long, but the realization with my body took a long time. I think, the last time I went to see doctor was at least 5 years ago. The reason was something like I had heavy migrain and couldn't relief it with any kind of consumer selling medicine. Otherwise, I was always recovered from sick easily and never had a thought that I'm an unhealthy guy. Maybe my mind and brain always helped to improve unhealthy conditions, and I'm used to keep it stable. However, I start feeling unbalanced with my "favors". I think I need to have some sort of purification time and keep the condition as my nature.

I want to be more clear than ever. I don't know why. I just feel like that's the way to go.


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