Saturday, February 28, 2004


Mitai!! I'm looking forward to see this.

Japanese for Nerds

Understanding another language is a fun experience. From


I went to Yoga in this morning. Just wake up and directry head-up to the class without eating break fast. It was amazing, I'm totally refreshed, and realized that how much stresss I had in my body, mind, and brain. Yoga streamlined those unbalanced conditions perfectly. I feel great now. I think the good thing about Yoga is: I can feel fresh everytime after I did it. Great! I'm goind to see Deep Dish tonight.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

[dance music]

That's my most favorite music genre. I get a lot of positive energy from the music and that always helps my mental condition. You know, after 60 hours of work during the weekday, I need to go out and gear myself towards more comfortable zone.

Some of my most favorite DJs are coming in town for next few weeks.

This week: Ferry Corsten, Sandra Collins
Next week: John Acquaviva, Roni Size, Deep Dish.

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

[valentine's day]

There are some strange things in Japan. What makes Valentine's day so strange is that girls give chocolate to boys. It's opposite to western tradition, although, that opposition is becoming traditional thing in Japan. As far as I know, that day was set way before I was born. My mom and sister always gave me chocolates on Valentine's day and I felt love to them especially when I didn't get any from girls.

I don't know when valentine's day started in Japan, although, I never thought that it's a holy day. In Japan, it's just an another commercialised-celebration day. It is the day when boys get an idea of their acception, or it's the day a boy become legend in local area. Although, sometimes that day completely destroys someone's ego, or suddenly a bad boy becomes a very nice boy and so on.

Anyway, I noticed same thing watching at the girl's behavior here in US. Many girls are conscious about Valentine's day. I was about to say "I know that feeling, sweetheart.", but I never said that because it might cause a question - "Are you gay?".

Anyway, I went to my friend's wedding to the mountain over the weekend. I hanged out with my friends and I did Tarot reading. The guy found this interesting sentence from the book - "Love is the law, love under will".

Saturday, February 07, 2004


I thought this is a perfect medicine for me. I like drinking, going out with friends and having good time are fun thing. Although, I can't drink too much. I can easily get drunk just for 2 beers. I think alcohol stays in my body longer than other people. I always feel dizzy next morning if I drink more than 3 alcohol. Very cheap in deed!

Anyway, I thought it might worth trying this drug.

Tuesday, February 03, 2004


I'm having movie fever these days. I was browsing internet to find out movies that I could have interests. The first time I saw the picture of the scene of this movie, I thought this is a review of TV game or something, then surprised that it's a scene of the movie. I guess all of background graphics are made by CG, but the character is real. I don't know much about the storyline, but this movie could be the interesting one to see.