Monday, May 31, 2004

Back to Normal

Finally settle down in Denver over the weekend. I had great time for relaxing, did some sports with friends, and saw a perfect rainbow after the rain.

Summer has started.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Punjab (Chandigarh) to Munich, and to Hamburg

I left Chandigarh at the night of Friday, left New Delhi 9am in the Saturday morning, and reached at the central part of Munich this afternoon. I feel so good in Germany, this the starting place of modern publishing as well as industrial design. I´┐ŻLm going to Hamburg tomorrow to meet my colleagues..., I feel like I must come back to Munich again!

Hello hello -

I went to Daramsara to see the temple of Tibetian buddhism. I was very lucky because I saw Dalai Lama! He was just coming back from the trip to Canada..., everyone including monks were waiting for him and I was also waiting for few hours. Seeing his smile made me really happy. He is golden and made everyone peaceful.

I will post my digest of travel pictures of India. It was my best trip sp far. I could have done a lot of things for work as well. I like India!

Thursday, May 06, 2004


I'v got a new email account from Gmail, which is the new service from Google. When Gmail was launched few weeks ago, the news spread over the net because of the catchy policy that allow an user to have 1GB of mail space.

So far I'm impressed by the speed of response, sorting system, and the email thread UI called 'Discussions". This is one of the best feature of Gmail because I can keep track of the email history as one entire conversation. Another great feature is the decent support of another languages. I can completely rely on Gmail's Japanese feature.

The system is still in Beta and sometimes server is down. However, I can't go back to Hotmail or other email system once I got familiar with it. Using email is becomming more fun things because of this. Thanks Google.

In India

I'm in India now. I left Denver at Saturday evening, and arrived New Delhi around early Monday, then directly headed up to Punjab. I arrived Chandigarh Monday morning, worked and met with people during the day. It was almost non-stop moving. I guess it took 24 hours from Denver to Chandigarh. The time difference is almost 12 hours so I moved half of the planet in 24 hours.