Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Art of Living

My friend, Anna whom I met at Dalai Lama's place told me about her experience of Vipassana Meditation. I looked at the web site and found this meditation very interesting. I think 'self-observation to self-purification' is the key to find our own happiness through our inner mind.

Sunday, July 18, 2004

The New iPod (via Newsweek)

The new iPod is coming. Steven Levy wrote an article about it. Good thing is 12 hours battery life, wheel UI changes, and price down.

Friday, July 16, 2004

AirPort Express

For those who wants to know what you can do with AirPort Express. I really like the idea of this product, but a little expensive I think. I'm also not sure that my cable modem doesn't have any issue using Airport Express as a wiress hub.

I think AirTunes feature is a great idea. It's like a remote control of home audio with Powerbook. Very attractive solution indeed.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Sony Ericsson P910 released (via MobileBurn)

I think this is the sweetest phone ever, but I like K700i as well. I'm sure I might change my phone sometime this year.


I don't watch TV anymore, but I watch movie clips on the net. I just can't live with TV behaviour that I have to make myself available on time. Someone may say I can record the program, indeed, but there is not much interesting program to record it. Maybe I don't know much about it, but TV is just for killing time stuff since I was young.

Tired about Orkut

I'm tired/bored about Orkut. I was excited to meet with new people from this service and am really glad to meet with them. I think there is a time to meet with people. I feel connection to the people I become friend through Orkut, but no longer interested in making new friends. I don't know why, but I know I can make a lot more friends in real life. This is probably because I never get into net meeting or chat with unknown people... to be honest, I got tired to see Brazilian messages. :) Nothing personal to them, but I just can't understand and that bothers me a lot. I think Social Network system is still valid for some sort of community and corporate environment.

When standards don't apply

An article from ZD Net. I personally embrace about the efforts to standards, however, there are many political reasons why W3C standards are slow to take off. SVG, Adobe's PDF, Macromedia's Flash, and Microsoft XAML.... these are similar but have some different tastes. Each of companies wants their "special" features of their file formats and they don't want to waste money to share their development efforts.

Global media on the rise

Good news for the people who works and have passions for media. I wish to see more rise on Interactive Media arena.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004





Japanese characters with Unicode

I noticed that Blogger made a lot of enhancements while I was away from net. I have been doing Summer activities a lot in these days. I wasn't in a good mood to post something, just a mood. Anyway, I changed my blog character set from 1-byte to Unicode. This is one of the biggest feature I have been waiting for. I'm writing Japanese below, hope it works.

世界にこんにちは。(Hello World)

See! It works, at least from my Mac at home. I changed my templete. I like this one better.