Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Snow day

Denver had massive amount of snow last weekend. Everything was sugar-coated and seemed like the town showed its another face, houses looks like in a fairly tale and the atmosphere has quite ambience. I also noticed that the morning air is really fresh, and I saw such a beautiiful, crystalized shape of powder snow under the sun with subtle wave of winds... it's been such beautiful days.

So, I re-aware that I like Denver a lot. It's such a beautiful place and I can't wait how beautiful mountain areas will look like. I saw some pictures of Vail and saw the picture of people who are enjoying ski and snowboarding. It seems like a lot of fun.

I think I would discover a lot more about mountains of Colorado during the Winter. I might be able to find out another aspects of Colorado. :)

p.s - the street looks like below when Denver gets snow.

Thursday, November 25, 2004









Saturday, November 20, 2004

Farewell to Jeep Cherokee

My car start breaking down... means that the car is producing a lot of smoke with wierd noise, which is obviously not a good thing for the planet as well as surrounding drivers and my own safety...., so I took the car to a dealership and asked fixing problems. Well...., technician said it would cost more than a couple of thousands ($)... I know the dealer for last 4 years and I know they have been honest, so I asked him more details of the problems.

After I heard about those problems (too many to list), I agreed that the cost of fixing the car is not worth it. The technician told me that I was lucky not having an accident for last few weeks. So, it was like a doctor's final words to my car: the car is about to finish her life, ready to go heaven, maybe with some happy reincarnations.

I bought a Jeep Cherokee when I came to United States. Before that, I never had a car, I didn't even had a driver's license because I didn't had a real need of owning a car. I was more dependent on public transportations like train, metro, taxi, bus, or even bicycle.

I remember that it was my first culture shock in United States when I realized the needs of a car just for the sake of living, like grossary shopping, meeting friends, commune from home to work..., a car is not only a private transportation system but also we rely so much on it. It's no longer just an extension of a horse or cow: a car is the need for living.

Anyway, after I left the dealership, I was obviously sad. I was sad to understand the fact I'm driving a car to home with the smoke. The reality start telling me that I need to buy a new car sometime in very near future, maybe tomorrow if I could afford it. I have been thinking to buy a new car for a long time, although, I am not ready from financial stand points and need a little more time to prepare. Still, one mantra keep playing in my head: "My car won't last that long... what can I do with it?"

I start thinking about a new car, considerng the weather condition of Colorado, safety, reliability, comfortness, outdoor activity, driving experience, consumer reports, reviews about competitive cars, markets value, warranty, insurance, monthly payments..., the list continues.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Personal archive

I think the real power of blogging is to have my own personal archive. It's like an anchor of my memory and reminds me many experiences. This means to me a lot. When I was reaading one of the post and suddenly saw the vision of the night when Denver and Boulder area had a massive snow day. One post reminds me of the feeling of night, sound, thinking, and a lot of memories that I had.

I just thought that I'm doing this to remember experiences I had and to remember.

Saturday, November 13, 2004

Ready for Winter

I went to buy some ski/snowboarding stuff with my friend Steve and his kids. I had great time with them and Steve helped me a lot to decide which equipment I should get. I got close to 50% off deal and very happy.

I have been in Colorado for last 4 years. I only tried snowboarding once.... so I have decided to do ski and snowboarding from this year because Colorado has one of the most beautiful ski resorts in North America, and I live in that area few hours away by driving!! I think I should feel lucky and take advantage of it.

I bought a mountain pass for Vail.