Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Long time to blog

I just noticed that I should have noted something before I stop blogging. Here are several reasons why I stop doing this.

1. I understood how blog works.
This is one of the goal I wanted to figure out throughout my blogging days. Now, I know what's going on behind the scene, and I kind of start loosing my interest to keep me up on blog. I rather like to discover another interectual interest at this moment.

2. Routine is not a good thing to me.
Along with the point above, daily routine makes me sick sometimes. I sometimes had this feeling when I posted something on blog. I don't like the feeling of "I need to blog this because it's my daily habit!".

3. I am not really sure who is reading this blog.
This feeling sometimes makes me hard to write down something. Content needs to be published to certain audience and it's purpose. I had hard time to keep motivation on this.

4. Communication can be simpler.
Is blog really helping my communication? Well, I don't think so. How many comments I got into this blog? Not many. How many American friends who is reading this? I don't know. Is my Japanese friends reading this? I am not sure.
Were there any comversation with work friends after I posted something interested? No. I always feel like posting something on blog is thinking about gray area where I am not sure whether I should post. I was having another frustration here, and thought that just sending email to particular group gets much more interesting replies.

5. Blog as Karaoke
I think blog is like Karaoke. There is a drag of Karaoke phenomenon - I am not a professional singer but I can sing a song in front of people and become a temp star at the night.
Same can be applied to blog - I can write down something, but I am not a professional writer.
I thought that I should have more focus on areas where I hold my speciality. I think I can make something decent using Flash..., well, blog and Flash is not well integrated yet. So I will focus on Flash and some of Interactive technology for a while.

having said that, I say "Peace Out" for now.

I hope to make something new by myself in the near future.