Saturday, June 11, 2005


I was extremely busy at work in these days, but I really like it because I am very passionate about my project now. I start saying things for what I think it really matters. Without telling my opinion to others, things never change.

It took me quite some time to adjust the corporate culture, I mean, all kinds of political bullshits among people. I was fighting against many of invisible things, and leaned a lot from there. Anyway, I was lucky enough to focus on my work, and I always believed that the things I produce are true message from me.

At the same time, I wasn't confident enough to speak up my thoughts to others. Everytime I spoke something to others, I had to be conscious about my English-and-Japanese brain function and I had to be in the dual-processor mode during the conversation. Sometimes I become extremely stressful since I am not even telling things more than 20% of what I really know. What I say is who I am. This is true, and I always felt I am not presenting myself well..., I finally feel confident about my speaking in these days. :)

Many things are happening to me in these days. Of course, it's all positive things. I recognize everything, both good and bad, as a message of developing myself..., it's like a continuous awareness of my life.

I am in a stage of new-thinking-mode. Many ideas are coming to me and I am excited about it. Of course, it's about the software, and it's about the future of design and visual communication.